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A Newsletter By, About, and For Graduates of William Allen High School's Class of 1983

Issue 9 - June 2000

This came to me via e-mail. I thought it was appropriate for this issue's feature.
1   You think it is hilarious that getting into New Jersey is free, but you have to pay to get back into PA.PA

2   You take pride in the fact that after crossing into PA (from NJ) there is a sign that says "Welcome to Pennsylvania, America Starts Here".

3   You think everyone in the world had 2 or 3 different choices for ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. (This reception is getting fuzzy, there must be a storm in Philly. I'll just switch to the New York channel.)

4   You've never had to explain that you are really from Pennsylvania, not someplace in the middle east (Bethlehem, Egypt, Nazareth, Emmaus).

5   You think industrial parks are better uses of the land than farms.Cow

6   You actually can show people the dairy where your milk comes from.

7   You've never thought that Walmarts are "creeping in" from the south.

8   It takes less then 10 minutes to get to a mall, but more than 10 minutes to park and get inside.

9   Roadside America isn't a warm nostalgic idea, but a place you've passed on I-78.

10   You go to a church bazaar every night in the summer and don't go to the same one twice (and you don't win at bingo either).

11   You've lived between Mario Andretti's place and Larry Holmes' place and yet never watched a race or a prize fight.

12   You've rooted for either side in a Lehigh-Lafayette game. Or you own a piece of Lehigh-Lafayette memorabilia (a brick glued to a Hot Dogplaque, a cylindrical piece of white wood from a supposed goal post from a certain year, etc.)

13   You prefer Yocco's over Pott's or vice versa.

14   You think Quakertown is far away (25 minutes by car), but you think nothing of driving 15 minutes one way to pick up a friend and then backtrack another 25 to get your girlfriend, and then another 10 to get your friend's girlfriend, and then another 20 to go to the movies on a Friday night.

15   You've been to a 'platz.

16   You've said to yourself "Damn, I need two more tickets".

17   You or one of your relatives has "worked the beer tent".

18   You know when Rice's is open for business and plan accordingly.

19   You know the real reason kids have off from school the Monday after Thanksgiving (the opening day of Buck season).

20   SkyscraperWhen you and your coworkers discuss the "game last weekend" on Monday morning, you're referring to high school football or Penn State.

21   You think the PP&L Building and Martin's Tower are skyscrapers.

22   You finish every sentence with "dontchano".

23  You can get pierogies in every restaurant.

24  You actually think ring baloney is good.

25  Ring baloney is an appetizer at most black tie events.

26  You think the Morning Call has a great sports section.Fair Guy

27  You haven't figured out the correlation between the name Scrapple and what's in it!

28  You think the freak show at the Allentown Fair has more normal looking people than the people attending the fair.

29  You've been stuck in traffic on Route 22.

30  You know that 7th Street, MacArthur Road, and Route 145 are the same stretch of road.

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Since High School     See e-mail addresses of classmates

Jennifer (Sher) Marshall - Surprised that she came upon this web site dedicated to our class, this is her story.

After high school, she graduated from Barnard College and has been living in NYC ever since. In 1987, she started a medical export company with another partner and sold it in 1991. After that she studied wine and worked as a sommelier and assistant cellar master at Windows on the World. Her last day there was the day of the World Trade Center bombing! She walked down 107 floors and it still astounds her that it actually occurred.

Jennifer met her husband Jeremy just after college and they were married 6 years ago. He's a chef and was a big influence in her desire to change her career direction; food and wine are a lot more fun than ophthalmic sutures and surgical staplers! Fortunately for her, it has also been a wonderful way to earn a living and they have opened a seafood restaurant in SoHo called Aquagrill. It is beginning its 5th year and she is happy to report that working with her husband has been a great thing! They have not had any children yet, but finally work is not as completely consuming as it has been, so the time may be near.

Jennifer's family has left Allentown. Although her father still has his medical office on East Texas Boulevard, he is 95% retired and just comes to Allentown twice a month. Currently, her only connection back there is John Sechler, who was also Class of 83 but left for his senior year for the Philadelphia School of Performing Arts. John is teaching elementary school and doing a great job there; his annual school plays have even made the news!

Jennifer's brother Peter Sher (Class of 81) is a physician in Hunterdon, NJ, and is single with a son named Jeremiah.

Update - Janice (Zipf) Speer - Janice and her husband Larry finally added a human child to their family on August 25, 1998. Nolan Carl Speer was born in Wichita KS. About 3 1/2 months later, in early December 1998, the family moved to Warner Robins GA, about 90 miles south of Atlanta. Larry is stationed at Robins Air Force Base.

Nolan is now 19 months old and doing all the amazing things that 19 month old kids do.

Janice's husband Larry made a career change, which is what brought them to GA. He is still flying, but is now flying E-8Cs, aka JSTARS. JSTARS are airborne battle management systems; in layman's terms, they take real time photos of the ground.

As for Janice, she is working at Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins in the Surgical ICU and the ER. She also works in Macon, about 30 minutes north, in three ICUs, Neurological/Trauma, Open Heart, and Surgical/Trauma. She loves all of it.

Late last year, they lost two of the dear "children" mentioned in her last autobiography, Max and Bacci. They have since added two new adorable, but wild, Bengals to their family, Merlin and Lucci. Family photos can be seen at That is her in-law's web site; it has every picture that they have ever sent them of Nolan.

Note: If you submitted an autobiography and it didn’t get in this issue, you’ll see it in the next issue.

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